About Us

Collector Syndicate partners have been in philatelic item business since 1960 . Our products comprise of collectible items such as stamps, coins, commemorative items, all selected to meet the highest standard in quality. Stamp is one of our core business, according to its popularity as a favourite hobby for all ages the world over.

As high number of stamp collectors are increasing each year, particularly in the Asia region, Collector Syndicate has aimed to get more into stamp business. Laos is a country of our interest according to its fast moving both economically and socially along with its richness in cultures and legends. In the year 2000 , our efforts in the business have been rewarded by being officially appointed by the Enterprise Des Postes Lao as marketing and manufacturing consultant for Lao stamp.

Today’s Lao stamps are considered as one of the best-to-collect in terms of artwork design, printing quality, and strictly quantity control, according to our C.T.O-free policy. All stamp collections are printed by the Security Printing co.ltd, our trustworthy printing house will destroy each and every plate of the collection once the printing number reaches the target quantity. This is to ensure that there will be no more repeat printing. The control number is now set at 50,000-100,000 sets per one collection and 30,000 sets for a souvenir sheet. Therefore, our collection is worthwhile investment as the the number of issue is limited.

Collector Syndicate has signed a contract with Lao PDR government as sole distributor for Lao stamps which signify our long term commitment to its future. We’re now going worldwide to invite you to enjoy the beauty of Lao stamp, a unique design at very limited printing quantity. So start collecting Lao stamp with Collector Syndicate today as to own one of the rare stamp collection in the future.