Laos Postage Stamps

Laos stamps history

On May 10, 1947 Laos had separated from French India-China colonies .

Laos was combined as a colonial country in French Indo-China Penninsula including Vietnam and Cambodia, The colony was named “Union of Indo-China”.

May 10 , 1947 , Laos declared its independent and became as the Kingdom of Laos under the reign of King Sisavang Vong ( King of Laung Pabang crowned since 1904).

July 19 , 1949 , Laos became as an Associated state within the French Union until October 22, 1953. Laos became fully independent within that Union and left the French Union on December 7, 1956.

The First issuance of Laos’ postage stamps was distributed on November 13, 1951. The name indicated on the stamps was “UNION FRANCAISE ROYAUME DU LAOS” symbolized by Union Francaise until the last issuance on May 2, 1958. Since such date, the name “ROYAUME DU LAOS” was properly used on the postage stamps until the last issuance on August 20, 1975.

On December 2, 1975 the name of the Kingdom of Laos (Royaume Du Laos) was changed into the Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Laos, So, The postage stamps under the name “ROYAUME DU LAOS” was still continuously used while waiting for the new issuance of new name but the name ROYAUME DU was subtracted by color pencil or ball pen.

The first issuance of postage stamps under the name of PEOPLES’ DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF LAOS has been distributed since December 2, 1976 until at present.

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Currency on Laos stamps

The currencies on postage stamps distributed during November 13, 1951 until March 4, 1954 were “CENT” and ” PIAS ” (100c=1p) and from October 28, 1955 was KIP.